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Revamp Your Wood Floors in Mentor Today!

If you’re not thrilled with how your Mentor hardwood floors look, but can’t afford a full replacement, we have good news for you! Fabulous Floors Cleveland provides hardwood floor refinishing service in the Mentor area to renew your existing hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost. Hardwood flooring is bound to wear out or get damaged over time. Refinishing is an affordable and easy way to restore the beauty of your home.

Not only are our technicians professionally trained, but they’re also great with customer service. They promise to work hard and go above and beyond in all that they do. You’re guaranteed to have a fantastic experience working with us! Give us a call today and see why so many customers in Mentor, OH are in love with their hardwood floors again!

before and after hardwood floor refinishing in Mentor, OH

Our Proven Mentor Wood Floor Refinishing Process

STEP 1: Remove Carpet
If there is an existing carpet on your floors, don’t worry! We specialize in removing carpets without causing damage to your floors. We remove the bonded carpet carefully by following the grain of the wood and carefully removing bonding, glue, and staples. We use a chemical solvent that is gentle on your floors. Once this step is complete, we can start the hardwood floor refinishing.

STEP 2: Sand
Sanding your floors prepares them for staining by smoothing out scratches, dings, and stains. We take care to remove all of this unsightly damage by using the coarsest grit of sandpaper first and repeating the process 3 times, using a finer grit each time. Again, we work with the grain of the wood and sand those hard-to-reach areas by hand. The best part is,
our sanding process is virtually dust-free!

STEP 3: Stain
We have a selection of over 20 stain colors for you to choose from. We take care to make sure the stain is applied evenly. We work in a circular motion and repeat the application until the color is exactly how you want it. When the stain dries, we buff your floor to bring out its natural detail and beauty. We finish this step by using a soft cloth to remove any dust or debris.

STEP 4: Finish
Finally, we apply three coats of polyurethane finish to your floors with a mop-like tool. After 24 hours your floors will be dry and the process will be complete! This finishing coat of polyurethane gives your floors a beautiful gleam and also protects them against future wear and damage. Remember, routine maintenance and regular cleaning will keep your floors looking like new for years to come!


Fabulous Floors refinished hardwoods throughout the house. They were prompt, efficient, courteous, and friendly. The cost was very reasonable and the work was high quality. I would highly recommend.

– Jocelyn C.

What a great way to bring old floors back to life, particularly if you’re on a budget or short on time! Matt’s work was very professional. He was finished in no time, leaving no mess behind. We were so pleased with the results! THANKS, MATT!

-Sarah M.

Fabulous Floors Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Check out this video to learn how Fabulous Floors Cleveland uses their refinishing system in Mentor, OH to bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors, without the cost of getting all new floors!

Thinking your floors don’t need this much amount of restoration? We recommend you check out our resurfacing service instead! Regardless of your floor needs, we’ve got you covered. 


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