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hardwood floor refinishing in Rocky River, OH

Refinish Your Hardwood Floors in Rocky Rivers With Fabulous Floors

Many people make the costly mistake of replacing their damaged hardwood floors when they could have refinished them with us all along. The Fabulous Floors hardwood floor refinishing service in Rocky River is perfect for people looking to fix up their severely damaged floors on a budget. We can take care of all the scratches, stains, scuffs, and even warping to bring back the original beauty of your hardwood floors. This is all done for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Plus, with our many stain color options, you can even update the current look of your floor to something more modern or vibrant. For affordable hardwood floor refinishing in Rocky River, OH, call Fabulous Floors Cleveland today!

A Superior Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

1) Remove Any Carpets & Staples

The very first thing we do is remove the things that might get in the way. Typically these are things like carpet, staples, or nails that we can easily remove with a putty knife and needle-nose pliers. We also carefully use a chemical solvent that is safe for you and your family. Our top promise is to treat your house like our own so you can trust us now and in the future to minimize any damage. After this step is completed, your hardwood floors are ready to be refinished.

2) Sanding the Hardwood Floors

Most floor refinishing companies in Rocky River will create lots of dusts and odors. That’s not the case with Fabulous Floors Cleveland. Our team has found a hardwood floor sanding method that creates minimal dust and avoids strong odors. It works by beginning with the coarsest grit of sandpaper and repeating the process 3 times or more, using a finer grit each time. This ensures that all damage, scratches, and stains on your floors are completely removed. Every Fabulous Floors technician will do a thorough job and even will sand hard to reach places by hand where necessary. Once the sanding process is complete, your floors are ready for staining.


a refinished hardwood floors in the Rocky River area.

3) Staining the Hardwood Floors

Fabulous Floors technicians are highly skilled at listening to ensure we get you the right color. We apply the stain and a seal coat in a circular motion, making sure it’s applied evenly throughout your hardwood floors. Once everything is applied, we wrap up the staining portion by buffing the floor and cleaning away any dust or debris with a tack cloth. You won’t find a better hardwood floor staining in all of Rocky River.

4) Finishing the Hardwood Floors

Lastly, your hardwood floors are topped off with high-quality & long-lasting polyurethane finish. We apply this coat with a mop-like tool and pad applicator. It will only take 24 hours for your floors to be ready for normal everyday traffic. This polyurethane finish will prevent future wear and damage, lock in your stain color, and make your hardwood floors shine for years to come!

Get the Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Rocky River

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Benefits of Choosing Our Crew at Fabulous Floors Cleveland

Check out this video to learn how the team here at Fabulous Floors Cleveland uses our refinishing system to bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors in Rocky River, without the cost of getting all new floors!

We worked with Fabulous Floor to refinish the hardwoods in our new home. Before and after photos are below. They were reasonably priced and got the job done in a timely manner (only a few days!). We haven’t had any issues with the floors and the new stain looks beautiful.

– Emily H.