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Let Us Refinish Your Wood Flooring

It’s always so sad to hear about homeowners who spent their entire life savings on a complete floor replacement when their wood floors started to look damaged. The reason why it’s so hard for us to hear is that we know that we could have saved them countless dollars by simply refinishing their existing hardwood floors. You see, the team here at Fabulous Floors Cleveland offers a competitive hardwood floor refinishing service in Strongsville, OH that delivers high-quality results at a more affordable rate. So if your wood floors have seen better days, please let us refinish them and save you time and money while bringing back their original beauty.

before and after hardwood floor refinishing in Strongsville, OH

A Superior Strongsville Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our hardwood floor refinishing process. In fact, we can sum our entire process up in just four simple steps. That means, unlike those other Strongsville hardwood floor refinishers, we will be in and out of your house with as little disruption as possible. Here is everything we will do:

1) Prep – we mark off the area where we will be working, clean off debris, and remove any nails/staples/carpet that may still be on top of the floor.

2) Sanding – we remove the old finish, scratches, dings, dents, and even correct minor warping with our sanding process that is nearly dustless and odorless.

3) Staining – we offer a number of stains for you to choose from so you’re sure to find the right one for your taste.

4) Finish – we use a special polyurethane finish to seal the deal and lock in your new look for the years to come.

This process will be done in less than a week depending on the size and scope of the job. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that speed will lead to more mistakes. Each of the wood floor refinishing technicians here at Fabulous Floors Cleveland is well-trained and highly equipped to deliver the best hardwood floor refinishing for your Strongsville, OH home or business.


Check Out Our Wood Refinishing Video

We don’t expect you to just take our word for it! That’s why we put together this little video showing how we can effectively refinish old and damaged hardwood flooring to add value to virtually any home. Please reach out to our team here at Fabulous Floors Cleveland for better hardwood floor refinishing in the Strongsville area.


It was a wonderful experience to have Fabulous Floors to complete my floors. The team did a job that was truly professional and quick. I would recommend Fabulous Floors to anyone who wants a job well done.

-Michael J.

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Highly recommend. Jermaine was very polite and professional. We wanted to get the refinishing done before we moved in and only had a short window of time after settlement, but they were able to get the job done. We get a ton of compliments on the floors. Thanks!

-Kim S.

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