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Revamping Your Hardwood Floors?

It’s common knowledge that hardwood floors will need to be refurbished at some point. This inevitability stems from relentless deterioration from daily traffic, shifting furniture, and accidental spills. Deciding between a complete replacement and opting for a renewal service can be confusing, but our expert team at Fabulous Floors Cleveland is dedicated to easing this process for you! We offer cutting-edge hardwood floor renewal services in Pepper Pike, which feature our standout hardwood resurfacing system.


Understanding Resurfacing

Wood floor resurfacing, also known as a wood floor screen and coat, is a simple procedure aimed at restoring the original charm of a floor. Here at Fabulous Floors Cleveland, we adopt a two-step strategy to resurface floors in Pepper Pike. Initially, we remove the existing finish and any scratches present, followed by the application of a fresh new finish. This technique eliminates the requirement for sanding, ensuring the absence of unpleasant odors or excessive dust. Moreover, our proficient team can accomplish the resurfacing task within a span of 1-3 days, thereby saving you valuable time and financial resources. For top-tier hardwood floor resurfacing in Pepper Pike, OH, place your faith in Fabulous Floors Cleveland.

a resurfaced bedroom floor

Eligibility For Resurfacing

Unfortunately, not every hardwood floor is a candidate for resurfacing. This process is most applicable to floors that only have minor damages, such as superficial scratches. However, if your floor shows signs of intense damage like distortion, deep gouges, significant scuffs, or visually unappealing stains, we suggest opting for our refinishing services. If you are uncertain about the suitability of your floor for resurfacing, please reach out to us! Our seasoned Pepper Pike floor resurfacing specialists are at your disposal to answer queries and provide personalized advice regarding your flooring.


Why Choose Fabulous Floors Cleveland

We know there are plenty of other service providers offering hardwood floor resurfacing in Pepper Pike, OH. So, what sets us apart? It’s a combination of our stellar customer service, superior methodology, commitment to efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our resurfacing services are competitively priced, starting at a budget-friendly rate of only $0.99 per sq/ft! We are also big advocates for the environment. Our hardwood floor resurfacing service boasts a GREENGUARD certification, ensuring its safety for you and our planet. With these benefits at hand, why look elsewhere? However, don’t just trust our assurances, take a look at our customer reviews!

“From start to finish Fabulous Floors did a phenomenal job. Floors look beautiful, crew was timely, efficient, and clean. Couldn’t be happier!”

- Angela W.


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