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Fabulous Floors Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Check out this video to see Fabulous Floors Cleveland put their refinishing system to work and get ready to rethink everything you know about upgrading your hardwood floors. Skip the hassle of a full replacement job!

For the best hardwood floor refinishing service in Gates Mills, OH, cal Fabulous Floors Cleveland. There are many DIY options that claim to be easy and effective but usually end up being the opposite. They simply can’t guarantee the protection and quality that comes from a professional service. Get the look you have always wanted and the peace of mind you deserve with Fabulous Floors


Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Gates Mills, OH

Hardwood floor refinishing from Fabulous Floors Cleveland restores the beauty of your flooring at a fraction of the cost of replacing! We are proud to offer our specialized service to the community of Gates Mills and the surrounding areas. Wood refinishing provides a great opportunity to both repair any surface damage to your floors and upgrade the look with a whole new finish.

“Anthony and his crew were able to get 3 bedrooms and 2 stair cases done for me in a few days. I wanted to match the stain to the pergo I have in other parts of my house. They did excellent work and were fun to work with too. Bonus! They were very knowledgeable about the flooring, staining, floor care, etc. They answered all of my questions graciously. I would use them again.”

- Lucia S.

hardwood floor refinishing in Gates Mills, OH

Our Incredible Gates Mill Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Years and years of experience have allowed us to develop the most effective system for hardwood floor refinishing in Gates Mills, OH. First, we get rid of any remaining carpet from your floors. Next, we use a special solution that removes any residue left behind. Then we sand down the existing wood floors to remove scratches, marks, or other imperfections. Once sanding is done, we stain the wood with your choice of our many stain colors. Lastly, we apply a strong polyurethane finish to your wood flooring. This adds a beautiful gleam to your hardwood floors and helps protect them from future dings and scratches. Our customer service reps are always available to take your call and provide an estimate for our hardwood floor refinishing services or answer any questions you might have.


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